A Pink’s Eunji is back as a soloist! On April 10, the lead vocalist of A Pink revealed her second solo music video for “The Spring”, featuring Hareem. The song is the lead single of her second EP, “The Space”.

In the new video for “The Spring”, Eunji plays as a taxi driver. For this day’s run, Eunji’s passengers are all couples in love, except for one or two, that gets her thinking and remembering about her own special someone from days past.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Eunji’s latest solo music video for “The Spring” opens with the A Pink vocalist walking to her cab, that’s highly customized and full of her very own personal touches and color.

Eunji drives to the city and starts picking up passengers, who are happen to be couples who get lovey-dovey with each other inside the taxi. This happens a lot throughout the day, and Eunji can’t help but smile, and look out to appreciate the bloom of spring.

That flower is so pretty, it makes me lonely
That couple is smiling so brightly
Making me so sad
Why is it so beautiful?
Why am I jealous?
Everything’s spring spring spring but me (Lyric translation credit: Popgasa)

After one or two solo passengers, the day winds down and the night sky comes. Eunji calls it a day, and the memories come bursting like a wave: Eunji with her ex-lover on a simple walk, a picnic, and lots more special moments. Eunji hangs in there for a while, like she’s wondering what more could have been.

You’re spring, spring spring spring
You, where did you go?
You’re spring, spring spring spring
The spring wind is blowing

Check out Eunji’s new solo music video for “Spring Day” now:

Eunji revealed her first solo album, “Dream”, last year in April 2016, with “Hopefully Sky (Feat. Hareem)”, making her the first member of A Pink to debut as a soloist. The video featured Eunji exploring her hometown, Busan, on a spring day when the place is brimming with cherry blossom flowers.

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