Eunji of girl group A Pink, who announced her solo debut a few weeks ago, has set the release date of her upcoming album. The singer and lead vocalist will release a mini album on April 18, a day before A Pink’s 5th anniversary on April 19. Eunji released a teaser image featuring hands holding and writing on a notebook, along with the release date inscribed in the picture’s center with a hashtag in front.


From Soompi.
From Soompi.
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Rumors about Eunji debuting as a solo artist have been going around since 2014, and she was finally well-prepared to release an album on November 2015. At that time, she and her company decided to have her continue as an actress for a few dramas instead. While Eunji has another drama scheduled for next June this year, for this month and the next, the singer will focus on her solo promotions.




Eunji is making her solo debut after close to 5 years of being A Pink’s lead vocalist. This month, Eunji’s group A Pink will also be releasing a special song for their 5th anniversary on April 19, as well as a photobook. Group leader Chorong wrote the lyrics for the song, and dedicated it to the group’s fans and all the genuine and touching moments that filled the past 5 years. A Pink have been busy these past months in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and North America since they wrapped up promotions for their second full-length album “Pink Memory” last summer in Korea.


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