A Pink are celebrating 6 years together! On April 19, A Pink released a new music video for “Always”, a special single for the 6th anniversary of the girl group and their fandom, the Pink Pandas.

Check out A Pink’s new music video for “Always” now:

A Pink spend some quality time together in the music video for “Always”. The members have lots of fun playing around with each other. In the midst of all the relaxed, playful action, A Pink don’t forget the Pink Pandas, who’ve stayed by the girl group’s side since their debut in April 2011.

The six girls of A Pink reach out to you, singing about the special bond between them and you, the girl group and all the fans. In the lyrics, A Pink share how they “Always” want to be there for the Pink Pandas, sunny days and down times, in a place that’s close to you:

Every day & Night & Every time
If I’m by your side
I can feel everything
Now 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, come a bit closer
Show me your true feelings

Remember that we’re together
Like the warm sunlight
I’ll hold your hand

Even if we fall and run out of breath at times
We can start again
I’ll be right here, if you hold out your hand
I’m always where you can reach

“Always” is A Pink’s 3rd anniversary single, following 2015’s “Promise U” and 2016’s “The Wave”. A Pink’s last comeback was in last December, with their holiday season single “‘Cause You’re My Star”.

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