Girl group A Pink are making their comeback in three days! Today September 23, A Pink released the second music video teaser for their comeback music video “So I Can Be Excited (Only One)”. Earlier this week on September 19, A Pink released the first teaser video, and on September 21, the album preview of their next album “Pink Revolution”.




A Pink will be releasing the full music video for “Only One”, as well as their third full-length album “Pink Revolution”, next Monday on September 26. “Only One” is an R&B mid-tempo dance track, composed by producer team Black Eyed Pilseung.

The album preview features short audio clips of each of the new nine songs on A Pink’s upcoming album.




A Pink made their previous comeback in Korea more than a year ago, last year in July 2015 with their second full-length album “Pink Memory”, title track “Remember”.


Watch A Pink’s second teaser for their upcoming video for “Only One” here:

Watch A Pink’s album preview for their upcoming “Pink Revolution” here:


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