This week on June 27, upcoming girl group Pledis Girlz released their first ever music video for “We”. “We” is a pre-debut single and precedes Pledis Girlz’ actual debut, which is expected to happen soon. Pledis Girlz are a group of trainees, under the management of Pledis Entertainment, home of After School and Seventeen, who are reportedly preparing for a proper debut.




The song “We” has a refreshing sound, with the group singing lyrics about supporting one another and looking forward to a brighter future. “We” is a medium-tempo dance track with an orchestral melody. Pledis Girlz members Seungyeon and Eunwoo composed the song, while member Minkyung wrote the lyrics. The members shared that the song is really important to them and their fans.

In the earlier scenes of the music video, the details of each member are shown on screen, so the viewers can get to know the members better. The music video has a summer theme, with the members wearing schoolgirl uniforms composed of plaid high-waisted skirts and crop tops. The setting of the video is inside a girls’ locker room, the school gymnasium, and school grounds.

More girl groups are releasing summer-themed videos this month, with Pledis Girlz joining the list.




Most of the members of Pledis Girlz were trainees who were signed to become contestants in the reality show “Produce 101”, produced by Mnet. The girl group survival show is said to have had the largest budget ever invested in it among all of Mnet’s TV shows.

In the show, the voting public choose the unit girl group to be formed, from a wide range of trainees from different entertainment agencies. In the end, the 11 finalists of the show went on to form the girl group I.O.I., who debuted last May with “Dream Girls”.

Pledis Girlz members Lim Nayoung and Joo Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqiong) are also members of I.O.I. There has been no news on whether the two members will be withdrawn from the upcoming I.O.I. sub-unit, and whether they will join I.O.I. in the upcoming KCON 2016 Los Angeles event.


Watch Pledis Girlz’ first ever video for “We” here:


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