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Girl group 4minute are reportedly disbanding, according to several media reports. Cube Entertainment, the record label of 4minute and fellow boy group Beast, announced that the contracts of all 5 members will be ending around the middle of this month. Only member and rapper HyunA has officially renewed her contract; the other 4 members have not made any definitive decision to continue staying in 4minute and with Cube, and are still discussing their options with the agency.




Cube released a statement that 4minute have not yet officially disbanded as a group. While the possibility for disbandment is high, the final decision has yet to be made. Some members might leave for another label or leave the industry altogether, or stay with Cube. 4minute have been in the entertainment industry for 7 years, since their debut in 2009 and their time as a group might end this year in 2016.

HyunA, the only member to renew her contract with Cube, has been in the business since 2007 when she initially debuted with Wonder Girls for one single, “Irony”, and then left due to health problems. She left JYP Entertainment and joined Cube Entertainment later on, under whom she not only promoted as a member of 4minute, but as a solo artist as well, releasing her debut song “Change”, signature song “Bubble Pop”, and her follow-up singles “Ice Cream”, “Red”, and “Roll Deep”. She also released two singles, the self-titled “Trouble Maker” and “Now”, with Beast’s Hyunseung as the duo unit Trouble Maker.




4minute debuted in June 2009 with the song “Hot Issue”, which became a hit song not only in Korea but several other countries and continues to be a fan favorite and K-pop staple to this day. Since then, they’ve released more songs that also reached the top ranks of music charts, including “Huh (Hit Your Heart)”, “I My Me Mine”, “Heart to Heart”, “Mirror Mirror”, and “Volume Up”, with Shinsadong Tiger; “What’s Your Name?” and “Is It Poppin’?” under Brave Brothers; “Crazy” with a new producer; and their latest song, “Hate”, which 4minute worked with Skrillex to produce.


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