The man in the box has returned! Primary has released a new digital single album, “2-3.” He brings in some awesome collaborators, and a bit of a new sound.


Primary- Don't Be Shy

Taking a departure from his usual mellow, jazz inspired beats, this time Primary hits us with a reggae-like tune, “Don’t Be Shy“. Choa‘s vocals are lilting and almost haunting over the smooth melody. Iron‘s trademark rapper voice helps to ground the song, which otherwise would sound like it’s sending you off to floating into the cosmos. It’s the kind of sound that has you nodding and singing along while it’s on, but afterwards have you wondering what you actually just listened to.

The video gives a creepy comedy vibe. The main images in the first half consist of a room of burning candles around a table with a ouija board on it and a group of girls, including Choa, decapitating and mutilating dolls. The girls, presumably at a slumber party, also play cards. While at first it seems as though they are either gambling or trying a tarot reading, a closer look reveals that they are playing with Pokemon trading cards. The bright pink gun and multiple hundred dollar bills suggest that this is more than just a silly card game. Throughout each scene, Choa is seemingly possessed, staring unblinkingly ahead as events unfold. The girls end the night with burning more toys. The receptacle for their fire? Primary’s signature box.

The second track “Mileage” goes back to Primary’s roots. The song is laid back, jazzy, and classic Primary sound. He brings in another female artist. This time around, it’s Hwasa from super rookie girl group MAMAMOO. Her sultry voice winds perfectly through the piano that dominates the track. Paloalto, who’s no stranger to Primary tracks, brings in a mellow rap that compliments both the beat and the vocals.

Primary has gone out the box (no pun intended) with this release, taking a let turn from the style we’re used to with him. Not only that, he’s collaborating with female artists which, if I’m not mistaken, is a first for him. Here’s to hoping Primary continues to experiment with his sound!

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