PRISTIN’s ‘Wee Woo’ MV is out!

Finally we get to see PRISTIN’s debut music video! On March 21, the group released the official music video for their title song ‘Wee Woo’ and they are definitely look all good in the music video with those colorful and girly outfits!

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Check out the music video for ‘Wee Woo’ below:

The song itself is not something that will make you say PRISTIN’s debut is explosive but you can definitely say that the song has some catchy parts especially during that ‘Wee Woo Wee Woo’ part.

Although just debuted, PRISTIN has quite already made a name for themselves long before their debut. This debut is only the beginning of the journey of these girls and who knows they may be able to offer more in the future!

Let’s cheer on PRISTIN’s debut!

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