Produce 101 Season 2‘ contestants will be greeting the fans on a guerilla concert!

On May 8, it was revealed that the contestants of popular Korean program ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ will be holding a guerilla concert soon. This news came with the confirmed date for the event which is set to take place on June 10.

Resulta ng larawan para sa produce 101 season 2

Just like the first season of the show, the boys will be holding a concert for the fans and will be performing ‘Pick Me‘ and other concept evaluation songs. Although there is already confirmed date for the event, the production and staff of the show are keeping the specific details for the concert a secret. To also avoid getting spoilers, the contestants weren’t told about the exact time and setting for the concert.

Either way, fans will be glad to see them perform live for the concert!

Resulta ng larawan para sa produce 101 season 2

Produce 101 is a Korean survival program that features contestants from various entertainment agencies. The contestants have to complete tasks as well as surpass eliminations through performing well to be able to be part of the final project group similar to I.O.I.

Are you coming to the Produce 101 contestants’ guerilla concert on the 10th?

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