Mnet’s idol reality show “Produce 101” ended last Friday. The eleven finalists will join together to form a new girl group named IOI. They will debut this year in May with a mini album, instead of a single as previously announced.


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The title of the album hasn’t yet been decided, but the company already has some tracks on hand that they received from well-known producers. The songs “Crush” and “When the Cherry Blossoms Fall” may be re-recorded by the final 11 members, and be used for their albums and promotions.




This year, IOI will promote at least 4 songs, two as a full group and the other two as sub-units. Besides their new album release for their debut, the group will also have their very own reality show and will also make appearances on other variety shows and be models for advertisements.


IOI do not yet have their own social media group profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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