After recently announcing himself back onto the grime scene, the professor has wasted no time in once again solidifying his position amongst the genre’s finest.

The video for ‘One Eye on the Door‘ features London’s own making his way through a hectic house party, as he uses vintage Prof humour in both his visuals and lyrics to keep proceedings light-hearted.

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Relationship troubles are at the heart of the song, as we listen to Mr. Green spit about his troubles at home during witty, punchy verses.

The chorus features a female vocalist belt out that she has ‘one eye on the door’, ready to run from their relationship at any moment.

I never said that I’d be home early, you heard wrong 
When she hears this shit, it’s lights out 
I’ll probably get kicked out of my house 
’til I come back with a brand new Chanel bag 
And shoes but I refuse to wave her whites out.’

Equally as hype as it is relatable, this track is set to be a smash.

It’s good to have you back Professor.

Check out ‘One Eye on the Door‘ here:

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