Psy is back to give us another round of high-energy dance moves, along with his unique style of witty humor. Ahead of the release of his 7th album on December 1, he dropped two music videos today on November 30. The first MV is called “Napal Baji,” and the second is “Daddy.”

psy 7th album tracklist

A Psy comeback isn’t complete without the rowdiness, dancing girls, explosions and of course the theme dances. The themes dance in “Daddy”, which features CL and channels’s “I Got From My Mama”, is the more exciting over the dance in “Napal Baji”.


Napal Baji is more in-step with Psy’s traditional fans, as well as is more from the same place, creatively, as “Gangnam Style”. However, Daddy, which has a funnier parody concept, is more attuned to a younger generation with the electronic dance production.

Check ’em, below”

With Regards to Psy’s new album pronounced “Chilship PSY-Da” — which means “This Is PSY’s Seventh Album” in Korean, it features collaborations with both non-Korean and Korean artists. Psy collaborates with Will.I.Am and Ed Sheeran, while Xia and CL are among the non-Koreans he collaborated with.



At a news conference Psy described his creative process and why it took a little longer than he originally planned to release the album, saying: “There were many thoughts going around in my head, including thoughts like, ‘If I write like this, it would be not as good as Gangnam Style,’ and ‘If I write like this, the international audience will not understand,’ so it took me a very long time to organize all those thoughts into one.”

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