BoA’s back! On June 26, the Queen of K-pop dropped her new music video for “Camo”, that she’s been teasing since last week. It’s packed with tons of action, in the form of a real intense choreography and BoA’s crazy solo shots where she dons all sorts of camouflage.

Watch BoA’s new music video for “Camo” now:

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BoA doesn’t hold back one bit in her latest music video for “Camo”, dishing out the most powerful dance moves you’ve seen yet, with a huge crew of backdancers covering for her all around.

From a place that looks like a temple decked out in futuristic red hues, to way out there in the jungle, BoA sports the “Camo” that just right for the occasion: flowing red robes, or the army combat uniform.

BoA’s new super on-point choreo with her crew is more than thrillingly awesome to watch, and her solo shots full of all kinds of trippy camouflages will give you just enough chill to take in the next intense wave of dance set action.

BoA sings all about what the camouflage means in the lyrics:

In the darkness
With all the lights off
I’ve hidden my shadow
I can’t be tied down
To some place tonight
My face has changed
My heart is moving
But my camouflage will hide it (woo)

I still don’t know, yeah
My own heart (woo)
The thick colors of the camouflage
Cover up the new world that’ll surprise me

Yeah, look more carefully for me
Look more carefully

Out of all the images of me
That countlessly changed
There’s only one that is for you
The hidden camouflage

BoA’s previous comeback was in May 2015, when she released her eighth Korean album “Kiss My Lips”: ending her hiatus in Korea that lasted close to three years since the release of her acclaimed album “Only One” in 2012.

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