The Queens, girl group Rania, are finally back! This time, they’ve had a huge makeover – they’re now known as BP Rania (Black Pearl Regeneration Idol of Asia), three new members were added to form a total of 7, and Alex is just all around awesome in the music video – both in her mini rap solo and together with her fellow members. Rania dropped the MV on December 30, and they hit more than 100k views by New Year’s Day today.


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In the music video for “Start a Fire”, BP Rania assemble near a bridge, rocking their intense new dance moves around a shiny posh car – with a stunning background view of the city. The group then hang out and have fun together all over a hotel – from their elegant rooms to the bar to the fancy hotel lobby.

After Rania go all out with their dancing, singing, rapping, the MV then cuts to Alex for like a whole minute – Alex throws it down and raps her heart out atop the car. She shows you around the place, smoothly going with the flow as her rapping in English happily doesn’t stop – until it’s back to Rania, who join with Alex to complete the crew. Alex gets an awesome rapping solo and Rania goes down with their exciting new dance moves and great vocals – and later unite – a lot to watch and take in, all in the same MV.


BP Rania also released a mini album to go along with their amazing new MV, also titled “Start a Fire” – it includes the lead single, “Make Me Ah”, “Killer (Remix ver.)”, and an English version of “Start a Fire”, for Rania’s international fanbase. Rania made their previous comeback for “Demonstrate” in November 2015 – while Alex did not appear in the music video, she energetically performed together with Rania on the weekly music shows. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for BP Rania’s TV performances in the coming weeks – stay tuned on GMM for the latest K-pop updates!

Check out Rania’s new MV for “Start a Fire” now:

Update: BP Rania sent their greetings for a Happy New Year, for this 2017 – check it out now:

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