Girl group Rania’s long-awaited comeback might be happening soon. Rania’s newest member, Alex (Alexandria Reid) from the United States, posted a tweet earlier this month on June 3. If that tweet hit more than 1,000 retweets, Alex would “leak a snippet of the comeback single”.

The tweet in question hit 1,178 retweets, exceeding the mark – and on June 5, Alex uploaded a short audio clip to Vine and posted it in a tweet on her Twitter account, linked here:



From Alex’s tweet, it seems that Rania’s new single is titled “Make Me Ahh”, and was recorded in the studio last year on December 10. Rania’s upcoming comeback will be the first time that Alex will fully participate in every stage of the preparations and the actual comeback activities – she was unable to receive a visa in time for the filming for “Demonstrate”, and thus was not included in the music video.

Alex’s visa problems have since been resolved, and she has been very active with her fellow members in Korea – she joined Raina for their comeback showcase for “Demonstrate”, has performed the song with them on several music shows, and even filmed for a KBS TV show, which featured Rania and the group’s dorm life.

Rania also recently returned from the “Pattaya Music Festival 2016”, which took place on Beach Road, Pattaya City, Thailand, for 3 days from March 18 to 20. The group took several photos together, including them just hanging out in their hotel room.





Rania debuted in April 2011, under the agency DR Music, with 7 members. The debut song “Dr. Feel Good” was composed by American producer Teddy Riley. Rania have undergone several lineup changes in the 5 years they’ve been active, and none of the original members remain with the group.

In late May 2016, it was confirmed that the last three original members of RaNia: Di, T-ae and Xia withdrew from the group and parted ways from DR Music after five-years. They then signed with their new label ENTERHAMA, where they will re-debut as Ela8te. [From Wikipedia]

The current members are Hyeme (혜미, born Kim Hye-mi, 김혜미), Seulji (슬지, born Kim Seul-Ji, 김슬지), and Alex (알렉스, born Alexandra Reid)

Their agency, Dr. Music sent out a letter to fans that supported their Makestar project, informing them that RaNia’s comeback has been pushed back to August 2016. However, until then they are working on a Hyeme & Alex sub-unit. [From Wikipedia]

Rania released several hit songs, “Masquerade”, “Pop Pop Pop”, “Style”, and “Just Go”, in addition to debut song “Dr. Feel Good”. They also released a special song “Up”. Their latest comeback was for their 2nd mini album, “Demonstrate”, with a similarly named title track, last year in November.


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