Girl group Rania has made a comeback, two years after their last album Just Go. With member changes and attempts to break into the American market, the group has had a few ups & downs. However, they are back and ready to shine with “Demonstrate,” their 3rd mini album and the first to include new members Hyeme, Seulji, and Alexandra.

The vocals on this group areĀ  not to be joked around. The big band style song suits every member’s tone and is fun to dance to. The chorus is great and it’s easy to find yourself singing it to yourself as soon as the song goes off. The rapper is a new member, an American girl named Alex, whose addition has caused a splash. The rap was completely in English and honestly only average compared to any female Korean rapper already in the game.

Rania looks hot in this video, and I’m not talking about temperature. The dance is smooth and a little bit sexy, but also requires strength. They pull a pop up from the floor to a squat move that I couldn’t do on my best day. Some of the outfits are racier than others though it’s not the clothes that make them striking. Rania carries themselves with a confidence that many girl groups lack. It doesn’t matter if they have on sparkly tank tops paired with white jeans or all black clothing with cutouts–the feel is the same. This woman knows she’s hot and doesn’t care. You have to think you’re it when you have on highlighter colored high heels.

The live was fun though it looks as though either they haven’t figured out how to work Alex into the main choreography or if they don’t want to. The bit with the gum was clever and unexpected, even if it could be considered unsanitary. This comeback is off to a good start.


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