Rapper Flowisk and Seung-Yeon (a.k.a. Luizy) released the music video for a hip-pop track “RECIPE” on July 29.

Once rivals in “Show Me The Money 5,” the two rappers partnered up to collaborate on the one thing they are most passionate about: hip-pop.

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The MV features an intense monotone background. Seung-Yeon (Luizy) is the first to drop the lines in the video. His fierce rapping style and high tone escalates the intensity as the song progresses. Reference to “Michael Jordan” and phrases such as “I’ll make it” show Seung-Yeon’s confidence in his ability to “leave a footprint” in the hip-pop scene.

Flowsik_Luizy Flowsik_Luizy_RECIPE

In the middle of music video, Flowsik’s husky voice comes in. His low tone and heavy flow creates an interesting contrast to Seung-Yeon’s high tone. Flowsik too is very confident that he is “the best.”


The music video focuses on the performance on the two rappers. The song “RECEIPE” is about how the two rappers use a variety of “musical recipes” to deliver good music. The song was co-produced by songwriter EDEN and NATHAN and Seung-Yeon also took part in the producing process.

Overall, the listeners will be able to catch the maturity of the two rappers since “SMTM5.”

If you are curious to see Flowsik and Seung-Yeon’s musical chemistry, check out the MV of “RECIPE” below!

Caution: use of s-word 

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