Hip-hop artist, Oddisee who grew up in the DC area, but is of Sudanese heritage just dropped an amazing gift for fans of hip-hop everywhere. His newest EP called “AlWasta“, released on March 23, is available for free download.

Written and produced in 7 days, the EP contains 7 solid tracks of great quality, that hip-hop heads can truly wrap their heads around. Releasing music since 2008, this is Oddisee’s tenth album, and he is a part of The Mellow Music Group.

Oddissee - Alwasta EP 3

Oddisee’s style of hip-hop is of the original boom-bap era, with an emphasis on lyricism with a message. The texture of the AlWasta EP is this type of essential hip-hop. And, on a lyrical level the EP connects on personal and social commentary.

On the 5th track “Lifting Shadows,” Oddisee addresses the misguided aspects of the war on terror that also targets the innocent at random. On the track, Oddisee says: “Man I swear I think my phone tapped. Man I swear they watching all my moves. Since 9-11 they ain’t too clear on who the target is. I love my country, hate its politics.

On his BandCamp page, Amir Elkhalifa aka Oddisee spells out his inspiration. The name of the EP “Al­Wasta,” takes its title from the Arabic colloquial term used to mean (to use colloquial English) “the plug.” The term “wasta” comes from the Arabic word “wasat,” meaning “middle” or “middleman,” and describes a member of the community who acts as a connector using their wealth of social currency.

It continues,

Understanding the value of social currency & how to use it (for better or worse) is what Amir Elkhalifa aka Oddisee focused on as the primary inspiration for his writings.

Click to download AlWasta.

Oddisee has also announced an extensive tour of the United States and Europe. See dates, below:

3/26/16 Treefort Festival – Boise, ID
5/3/2016 Middle East Downstairs – Boston, MA
5/6/16 Mainstage – Morgantown, WV
5/7/16 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
5/8/16 Kings Barcade – Raleigh, NC
5/11/16 Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL
5/13/16 Orpheum – Tampa, FL
5/14/16 Backbooth – Orlando, FL
5/15/16 Side Bar – Tallahassee, FL
5/16/16 Parish @ HOB – New Orleans, LA
5/20/16 Foundry at SLS – Las Vegas, NV
5/21/16 El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
5/22/16 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
5/24/16 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
5/26/16 The Independent – San Francisco, CA
5/30/16 Sasquatch Festival – Seattle, WA
6/4/16 Bunbury Festival – Cincinnatti, OH
6/12/16 Northside Festival – Brooklyn, NY
6/25/16 Glastonbury Festival – Pilton, UK
6/27/16 O2 Academy – Oxford, UK
7/7/16 Les Ardentes Festival – Leige, Belgium
7/8/16 North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdam, Netherlands
7/9/16 Open Source Festival – Dusseldorf, Germany
7/10/16 Cactus Festival – Bruges, Belgium
7/16/16 Melt! Festival – Gräfenhainichen, Germany
7/19/16 Valkhof Festival – Nijmegen, Netherlands
7/23/16 Hip Hop Open Festival – Vienna, Austria
7/27/16 Blue Balls Festival – Lucerne, Switzerland
7/29/16 Appletree Gardens Festival – Diepholz, DE
7/30/16 Stuttgart Festival – Stuttgart, DE

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