Rapper ‘Sharp Gun’ Releases Teaser Video For “Sunflower Dance”


After announcing his comeback with another single album, Starship Entertainment and #GUN release a teaser video for the “Sunflower Dance” MV.

“Sunflower Dance” MV Teaser

The video features a whopping fifty seconds of the song and features the two rappers, #GUN and Kebee, with PRISMO in the studio as they record. Featured in the video is #GUN rapping over piano before Kebee comes in and a guitar is added. The whole video, shot in black and white, adds to the song’s mellow sound. This is a complete turn from the kind of style “Beep” was last year. Check it out for yourself below.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The single is set to be released on August 17. Get ready!

The rapper has appeared on both Starship Entertainment‘s ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Show Me the Money 5’. This comeback is happening approximately a year since his debut. His 2nd digital single “Sunflower Dance” is produced by 216project and features Pismo.

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