It’s a no-brainer, 1 + 1 = 2. But when it comes to a band like RDGLDGRN, suddenly, adding 1 and 1 becomes 5. Simply put, “the whole exceeds the sum of its parts”. The indie-gogo band, who play a concoction of rock, hip-hop and go-go music, is built around three guys. A guitarist, a bass player and a rapping-singer: Red, Gold, and Green – in that order. These regular guys… okay “average Joes”, who had trouble holding down regular 9-5 jobs remained in obscurity perfecting their art until 2011 when something amazing happened to them. They put their “we-recorded-it-in-my-mum’s-basement” single “I Love Lamp” on YouTube, and before you know it a rock-and-roll Hall-of-Famer is drumming out their entire album and they’re touring Europe and the U.S.


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“I recently heard it said,” a fellow named Chadd recounted on a Yahoo Answers post that asked “what does it mean for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts?” “Music sometimes is greater than the sum of its parts. Individual musicians working together, feeding off one another, crafting more than they would by themselves, create something that is greater than all it really should be.”


It’s really like what happens when water boils. As water is heated up on a stove, the temperature of the water increases. But right as it begins to bubble and boil, the temperature of the water stops increasing even though it’s still on the burning stove. That heat energy that a thermometer cannot detect at boiling is called latent energy. It’s really there, but it’s not quite there. It’s that latent creativity and synergy in bands like RDGLDGRN that makes their “whole greater than the sum of its parts”.


Coming of age in the so-called DMV, DC-Maryland-Virgina, these “average Joes” were influenced by the diversity and mix of cultures that surrounded them. First-generation Americans, unbounded by tradition and customs, soaked up the go-go music genre that’s prevalent only in the DMV, and moved on to create their own sound using influences from the Beatles, Nirvana and hip-hop.


After seeing “I Love Lamp” on YouTube, that Kevin Augunas signed RDGLDGRN to Fairfax Recordings, the current occupant of the historic Sound City, an esteemed recording studio that’s located in a building the Beatles hung out in. That Kevin also happens to be buddies with Hall-of-Famer David Grohl, drummer of Nirvana and founder of Foo Fighters, who’s from a town 26 minutes away from RDGLDGRN’s hometown of Reston, VA. That David Grohl just so happened to be in the area doing a documentary of Sound City, and was introduced to RDGLDGRN by Kevin Augunas. And, that after drumming just one of their songs, David Grohl asked that fateful question “do you have any more songs?”

Watching the “water” that is their music slowly heat up initially, with hard work and perseverance RDGLDGRN reached the critical temperature that brought to bear all these latent assets that cannot be quantified or measured, to create something greater than the sum of its parts. No matter their humble beginnings, the “whole” that is RDGLDGRN, made up of three “average Joes” is definitely worthy of “celebrity” status. And, they’ve earned it.


Click here to see picture from their recent show at Irving Plaza in New York City.

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