Beginning on August 30, the trio band-of-bros, RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green), have taken to social media to promote their new album “Red Gold Green Radio.”

They kicked off active promo for the new album, by going live on Facebook to give their fans a complete run of the 12 tracks in the album. The album came out today, on September 1st.

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Comprised of potential hits like ‘Fridge’, ‘Run Wit Me’, and ‘OCD’, RDGLDGRN during the live session said the album was inspired by the music they heard on German radio, while touring there in the past.

The three band members, Marcus Parham, Andrei Busuioceanu; Pierre Desrosiers, and their drummer Snaxx, continue to move the needle, and explore new genres; with hip-hop as the mainstay, and the continued influence of rock and go-go music. But, the influence of other genres like dance-hall, reggae and EDM is palpably present.

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, and along with special packages through Pledge Music.

RDGLDGRN, who released their self-titled first album in 2011, have gone through lots of ups and downs. Riding high after releasing their self-titled album in 2013, they signed a record deal, worked closely with David Grohl, as well as Pharrell. They even got to perform on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. And, hitting the road on tours, everything seemed to be going accordingly.

Well received by new fans, they failed to gain much traction with the general public. And their label dropped them from the roster.

In line with their ethos of existing on the edge of where mainstream meets counter-cultural, the music of RDGLDGRN isn’t quite political. Occasionally it is, like their latest single with Method Man, called Opera. Also, they constantly touch on common youthful themes like being broke. However, they never actually commit to the fringes.

Regardless, their music always comes across as upbeat, likely due to the heavy percussion derived from go-go music.

During this time, when it seemed their young career had stalled, front man Green started releasing solo singles under the name King Green, some of which were introspective and melancholic, like Just A Lie.

But, in not giving up, the boys started their own independent label, Deuce Day World, and continued touring.

Then, one day in November of 2016, on tour all the way in Oregon, away from home in Virginia, they got robbed of their equipment, worth over $17000.

Like today, the boys went on FB live to report on their predicament, and announce a GoFundMe page. In about 24 hrs the boys very loyal fanbase, and even venues they’ve played at previously, all came to their rescue and surpassed their fundraising goal, for new equipment so they could continue on their tour.

Red Gold Green Radio is available on all music outlets, though this link.

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