Caution: Language

If I have a favorite band, their name is RDGLDGRN – don’t sprain your tongue trying to pronounce that. It’s pronounced “Red-Gold-Green.” Made up of three average Joes from the DMV area (DC-Maryland-Virginia), who are not only called “Red,” “Gold” and “Green”, but also only wear… “Red,” “Gold” and “Green”. Their music, is just as interesting as their name. It’s so unvarnished and fresh, with influences from rock, hip-hop, go-go music, The Beatles, and on and on. Listening to RDGLDGRN sometimes, feels like I went to the river bank, thrust my hand into the water, and pulled out a bulky-flapping fish with hands bare. Then cooked it myself over a fire, I built myself. Just me, fresh fish and RDGLDGRN.

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RDGLDGRN’s new EP called ‘Red Gold Green 2 – EP’ “is the band’s re-introduction as their hard work and dedication has led to a maturation of the band’s sound. It is now available on iTunes and Spotify

RDGLDGRN will also be taking their dynamic live show on a 12-date tour across the United States, check out the full dates here.”


RDGLDGRN in Berlin
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