Red Velvet are going to dye this summer with their vibrant red colors soon! Red Velvet are making their comeback this weekend, next Sunday on July 9, with the full music video for their fifth EP “The Red Summer”.

On July 5, SM Entertainment revealed Wendy’s individual member teasers, following Joy’s, Yeri’s, and Seulgi’s, along with the teaser images for the whole group. Irene’s member photos are coming soon.

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In Wendy’s teaser photos, the powerful Red Velvet lead vocalist’s aura shines in the garden, as she leans on a tree and stops to smell the roses. The group teaser is more in line with the wacky and sometime crazy concepts that Red Velvet have been running with since their debut in 2014. Red Velvet look like they’re headed toward the orange fruit-like Sun, with their trail surrounded by fruity plants that are all over the place. Check them out:

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