The girls of Red Velvet are back with a curiously named single “Bad Boy.” Singing over an ominous beat, they create musical magic, especially in the second half of the track, with their harmonized vocals.

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The beginning of “Bad Boy” indicates the influence of the whole track: “who dat, who dat…” However, the musical composition at the chorus must have made it really challenging for the members of Red Velvet to sing over the beat there. Because, the vocals and the beat feels like they take different paths to get to the same destination. The vocals went high, but the beat stayed low. It was very cool, when they both arrived.

Visually, the imagery from the intermittent cinematography is very compelling, especially during the switches to black and white, or the still shots, as well as one particular shot of a silhouette half way through the MV that only shows the outline of a member pointing a gun and standing over a bed.

The choreography for “Bad Boy”, like the beat, is a rendition of urban contemprary R&B. And, the girls of Red Velvet showed no difficulty in mastering it, as well. “Bad Boy” is the lead single from their repackaged 2nd album “Perfect Red Velvet.”

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