Six months after “Ice Cream Cake Red Velvet returns with another catchy and slightly saccharine song surely to stick in your head entitled “Dumb Dumb” off their first full length album “The Red.”


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Simply put, the song is cute and a bit quirky and the video along with it, describing the “dumb” mannequin or doll like expression that comes with a crush. Adorned with red dresses, red wigs, and even red ribbons the girl run amok as dolls in a factory dancing, climbing on tables, and throwing food around.

Amidst the big bows and even bigger hair, this nonsensical video with it’s robot dance, odd fascination with legs and random Michael Jackson references keeps you on your toes through the entire three minutes. While many fans seem to want another “Automatic” or “Be Natural” type track, I think this track is better than their last.

Other songs on their new album include:
“Huff n Puff”, “Campfire”, “Red Dress”, “Oh Boy”, “Lady’s Room”, “Time Slip”, “Don’t U Wait No More”, “Day 1”, and “Cool World”.



In true SM fashion, Red Velvet has released an odd and questionable comeback song with a very solid album with even better songs to back it up. So far, “Don’t U Wait No More” is my favorite song with “Dumb Dumb” close behind but that seems to change with every new song.
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