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Red Velvet is ready to return with their “The Velvet” concept as they released their very first teasers on March 9, midnight.

Their agency SM Entertainment dropped the teaser images through Red Velvet’s official website and Instagram account. On their Instagram, the first teaser was mapped with the caption,  “#THEVELVET #COMINGSOON.”

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

red velvet yeri the velvet

red velvet yeri

red velvet the velvet yeri
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The first member to be featured on their teasers is none other than the maknae, Yeri. She gives off the victorian princess feel with her pink dress and her volume curled hair.

They added a new member to tease for the comeback on March 10, with a photo of Irene and more details about “The Velvet”.

red velvet the velvet irene


Irene’s teaser reveals that their comeback is set on March 16 and  “The Velvet”will be a mini album.

The last album they released was entitled “The Red” and this mini album might be the continuation of the series seen from the new title “The Velvet”.

It was previously revealed that the girls wrapped up filming for their music video last week.

Stay tuned for more updates about their comeback.


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