Reddit’s Grime community has been slowly growing since it was established seven years ago on /r/grime. For those of you interested in the genre, that sub is a perfect starting point. The subreddit features different posts regarding the origins and history of grime as well as the relevant slang used within the community. The information can be found on their sidebar.

Recently, the question has been posed: what are some modern grime songs that will go down as classics? The Reddit community came together to validate which songs will go down in grime history. The songs chosen vary in “vibes” from smoother, spacier tracks to tracks with heavier beats and darker tones within them. Every single one, however, contains the same energy you find in every grime track. You can give the playlist of grime classics a listen here.

Some of our personal favorites are the three editions of Cadell’s “Hotline“. The first of the three, Hotline, feature an aggressive haunting beat that, in all honesty, makes you feel somewhat uneasy. The wildstyle drums in the back combined with his intense vocals are absolutely filthy and will practically force your head to nod along. The next track, Hotline 2, use strings to convey a more “victorious” vibe to it. It’s a far more epic sound but it still lends to the intensity of Cadell’s rap. The third, Hotline 3, seems to combine that uneasy, haunting feeling with the strings in a progressive-sounding back beat. Throughout all three songs, the energy doesn’t drop and the trilogy complements each other perfectly.

Stormzy’s featured song on the playlist, Shut Up, can be found from his most recent project, Gang Signs and Prayer. However, Shut Up was originally from a freestyle video released in May of 2015. The song was later released as a single for digital download later that year. The fact that the track is still relatively relevant is just a testament to it’s proclaimed “classic” status. Shut up has a light, almost far-eastern type instrumentals behind his iconic rugged flow and the progressively harder-hitting drums. The explosive nature of the song parallels the beat in a masterful way. His delivery is just as smooth as the track alongside his voice and it’s definitely another one of our favorites among these picks.

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