Georgia hasn’t had a K-pop concert in 8 years, but Topp Dogg changed all of that on Sunday February 8, 2015. The group was on a 3 state tour of the U.S. hitting up Houston, Miami, and last but not least Atlanta. Topp Dogg came to town, at the Tabernacle and left us with a strong and lasting impression, not to be soon forgotten in this southern peach state.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. that evening, the eager crowd was let into the venue to have final preparation for the concert. Many found their correct seats, bought merchandise, or went to the bathroom having to be finished all before 7:30 because that’s when it was all about to go down.

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Topp Dogg in Atlanta-2

At around 7:30 the boys came out in an abrupt yet enticing fashion and began performing “Anniversary“. Everyone was pumped up screaming at the sight of the 13 member group. Just like in the video, the boys pulled out the large black records that went along with their choreography. Just looking at the performance made me feel as if I was on the set of the music video recording. Their moves were to a “T”.

After performing their first song, each member made a personal greeting to the excited fans in their own style. One member, Atom, didn’t realize that it was his turn to present himself and got a slight stare from the other members until he realized what was going on. The fans seemed to think it was cute though, cheering and screaming after each of their introductions. The crowd’s supportiveness seemed to give the loved group even more reassurance and confidence, which was probably a huge motivation for them itself.


Once their intros were over with, the performances started again. Every few songs there would be an intermission with short yet interesting videos of the members. The videos would show more in depth personalities of each boy. Such as how they would walk with a lady on a busy street, if they would let her walk near the sidewalk or on the side of an open road. I believe fans fell in love all over again each time after seeing one of the videos.

Along with getting to watch their inner personalities through videos, we also got to experience mega fan service. The members did not deprive anyone of love and attention. Continuously a member would make direct eye contact with a fan, smile, hold up a heart sign, show their fit abbs, and even grab a cell phone  from the audience to take a selfie! That drove many insane.

Games were played with the fans, allowing a few the special opportunity to go up on stage with the members and show off their own talents. Both the special picked fan and one of the members would perform a popularly known dance move, and the people on stage had to guess who they were impersonating. At the show in Georgia, Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on it” were a couple of the dances that was chosen.


The crowd seemed to really enjoy the boys, always singing the lyrics along with them. The most popular phrase repeatedly said that night was “T – o – double p, D – o – double g!” Which is often used in their songs spelling out Topp Dogg.

Although known for being a large numbered group, some songs were performed with only 2 or 3 members. this was the case during the performances of “Taxi on the Phone” and “Cute Girl“. The songs still had a powerful punch even without all 13 boys. Some of the members even performed a part of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty“, which was once again outstanding.

Topp Dogg in Atlanta-1

After performing the last song of the night, fans still seemed to be mesmerized as the announcer immediately began calling out the rules for VIP/VVIP ticket holders. As some left the building, others began to hurriedly form a line ready to meet their favorite pop group. All of the members sat behind a long table as they began greeting fans and signing posters. You could see all the joy and satisfaction on the fans’ faces as they walked down the stairs leaving the meet and greet. After everyone received their high touch, the line for group pictures formed. All of the members would sit in an arranged order, and about 3 – 4 fans at a time would sit or stand between a member to get their picture taken. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, wishing it would never end.

After getting their pictures taken, some fans tried to linger around getting every glimpse they could of the group. Sadly, they were eventually forced out by workers. After walking out of the venue,  I thought that was the last I would see of everyone but right on the side of the building I saw a line of fans waiting to get one final view of the boys. They were waiting for the group to come out. A few at a time, the boys came out of the building waving to fans while getting on the bus. Fans were excited as they stayed behind the rope, the only restriction from having direct contact with them. After entering the bus, a few members still managed to give great fan service; waving to fans and showing love to everyone. Everything ended on a great note.


Going to Topp Dogg’s concert was a for sure memorable experience. Everything was well organized from the distribution of tickets to the VIP’s and VVIP’s receiving their high – touches / meet & greets. Each member provided fans with lots of attention and the performances were completed nicely. I believe that after these southern showcases, Topp Dogg’s popularity will flare up, even more. I hope to meet them again in person soon!

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  2. Very well written. I agree it was an amazing concert and they were great live. It was my first time going to a kpop concert and they did not disappoint.

    • It was my first time going to a Kpop concert also. I am excited about Kpop finally coming to Georgia. Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks!