I feel like I should start this off by saying, I first fell in love with 2pm during Wild Bunny days. I lived through the pain of the 2pm spilt and followed all 2pm’s Japanese promotions religiously. So, to say I’m a fan is a understatement. When the 2pm World Tour was first announce, I was skeptical. “World Tour” in Kpop terms means “Only Asia” usually but JYP proved me wrong with a company Statement saying they’ll focus on the United States as well.  Now my second thought was, of course, “OH MY GOD,” and then I started to feel panic because I’m going to Korea in February for work and will miss this epic concert probably. Proven wrong again, last minute, the concert was announced in November which only gave me a few weeks to prepare.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

When the  line started moving, we did a quick interview with some of the fans I made friends with in the line. What are you looking most forward to? “ABBS!” they all scream and can I blame them?


2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (22 of 53)
Everyone in the House went CRAZY for 2pm

2pm didn’t let up just because its their US leg of the tour. Usually for Kpop concerts in the US, the artist don’t bring their full set design with them but not with 2pm, it didn’t feel any different from the numerous GO CRAZY World tour fancams I watch from other countries. Extended stage with catwalk, cool stacked hologram blocks, lengthy stairs and lifts.  Just seeing the large screen saying “2pm GO CRAZY World Tour in Newark” had me feeling gittery, I knew this was going to be an epic concert.

A little after 8,  the lights dimmed and a intro video started.  Now, 2pm knows how to get the crowd HYPE. The video was a mix of all their biggest hits with a awesome lights show.  It seggedway to their hit Heartbeat and the screams that erupted when the words “Can you feel my heartbeat?” was deafing.  The boys were decked out in their funky 80’s fashion which is the theme of their title song, “Go Crazy.” Nothing is cuter than seeing Wooyoung dance to the zombie-esque Heartbeat with a backpack. Even with their colorful clothes they exluded charisma on the stage and that smoothly transitioned to Without U.  Wooyoung shined in this song with his flawlessly sung solo part.


2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (43 of 53)

Next up was HOT, a 2pm sleeper HIT.  This song was used to promote the popular Korean film “Blind” (also, along with “Give it to Me” written by Junho (which is my  favorite song by them). The song “HOT” is written and Produced by the member Jun.K. The Hands UP album is the album where JY. Park started letting the member’s spread their wings and start music producing. With HOT, the energy in the arena picked up and I feel like this is when the party finally started because the members energy was through the roof.  Junho awesome aerobatic trick had the crowd screaming and he did that, landed and started singing perfectly. That boy is a wonder. (I’ve noticed the members have pride and extra level energy when performing one of their member songs.)

2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (45 of 53)

“Are you ready to Go Crazy?!” which is a understatement by Taec, the crowd was already going crazy. This is part of the concert where I realized there was some sound tech problems with their mics. Sound going in and out and music way louder than the voices, (I work at a Theater myself so I notice these things…so don’t bash me.) but the boys didn’t let up and continue going crazy with their wild stage presence. Maybe because I’m a HOTTEST for a long time, but I was chuckling slightly to myself at how tired Jun.K already looked. He’s forever going to be Grandpa Daegu to me.

The boys seemed happy to greet their USA fans


Go Crazy is the first ever title track for 2pm produced by a member (Jun.K) instead of JY.Park.  The members stated how glad they are in numerous interviews to be finally promoting a member’s song.  You can practically see Jun.K glowing when he hears people cheer along with his song.  2pm always known as “Beast Idols” I feel like “Go Crazy” is the song that fits them the most with the funny dance moves and facial expressions.  Jun.K favorite part is obviously getting a piggyback ride from Chansung. With all the fancams I watched, I still can’t figure out who was doing that high-pitched “GO CRAZY” that had me laughing, knowing better it was probably Taecyeon.

2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (2 of 53)
10 out of 10, Junho the subject of harassment

Though, “Go Crazy” ends with the line “Slow Down” 2pm didn’t heed that and went straight into their debut song, “10 out of 10.” The crowd was jumping! I mean, there isn’t a girl around who doesn’t enjoying being called, “10 out of 10.”  The song had it signature Butt Dance and of course Junho is the subject of harassment throughout it.  It something about seeing the whole do the “10 out of 10” hand movement together with 2pm.  Its been awhile since I saw 2pm famous aerobatics. They cut down on the tricks throughout the years due to constant injuries but Wooyoung and Junho showed us they still have the stuff!

Who knew Ok Taecyeon could sing so well


As many times I listened to “Saying I love you” on the album, I’m still shocked over Taec’s beautiful singing. Great job Mr.Rapper.  Chansung who also started out as 2pm’s rapper role, recently been showing off his vocal skills and boy did he show them off for him and Taec’s solo portion.  I love Chansung upper register, he improved a lot throughout the years. They also perform their tracks, “Come back to me” which is full of Magic Mike abbs and dancing. (If you want to see abbs, I encourage you watch the fancam.)

DSCN1453 DSCN1451 DSCN1454

After that hot display, 2pm slows it down with two slow songs, “Rain is Falling” and “I’m Sorry.” 2pm shows off their vocal skills here and hearing them live, they sound 100 times better than the track.  This is where you see the softer side of 2pm.  2PM was always known for their dancing while their brother group, 2am” is known for their singing but throughout the years 2PM builded their vocal chops and now even do ballad songs justice.

(Thank you Yukaida Fancams for allowing Goodmomusic to use her fancams.)

2pm’s “Offcial” MC Taecyeon created a lot of laughs that night

The Talk portions of the concert were pure gold. From Nickhun singing Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and the whole audience singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star along with Taecyeon (who was staling due to a power outtage).  They even made the, “Hello, my name is 2pm,” joke.  Taecyeon who lived in Boston before was repping the East Coast proud all night and even had some friends in the audience who came to support.  Having two English speaking members made the Talk portions go by smoothly and the hilarious teasing of Chansung and Junho made up for the staling. Let’s not forget Taecyeon dropping the mic and breaking it.


2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (16 of 53)
Dance Break on the Catwalk

After the Talk, 2pm go into their title track from the “GROWN” album “Come Back when you hear this Song,” and “Like Tonight” from the “Go Crazy” Album.   Then went ino the high energy “Hands Up!” No one was standing still at this portion of the concert, the crowd moving and you can see 2pm feeding off of the crowds passion.


Next up was Jun.K’s and Wooyoung’s solo song, “Superman.” An hip-hop inspired party track.  This song was produced by both of them and their love for hip-hop shone during this performance.  Hearing a glimpse of Jun.K’s Japanese chart topping “No Love” from his Love & Hate album and Wooyoung’s solo album title track, “Sexy Lady,” was a treat too. 2pm did a twist on Sexy Lady this time, they performed as a group and the funny video of a “sexy lady” partying too hard was a hilarious add on.

2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (23 of 53)
A.D.T.O.Y Chair dance

“Sexy Lady” opened up the doorway to sexiness with “A.D.T.O.Y” and “I’m Your Man” up next.  “A.D.T.O.Y” famous chair dance had the crowd screaming and “I’m Your Man” which may not be that well known to fans who only follow their Korean career. The song is a Japanese hit and they recently made a Korean version for the “Go Crazy” Album.

Love is True

Junho and Nickhun perform their self composed song, “Love is True.” Decked in Motown suits and mics, the boys killed their solo performance.  It was funny seeing Junho try to explain his song in English and Nickhun makes it clear he only wrote the English lyrics thus giving all the props to Junho. A little tibit about these solo songs, most of them are on the Grand Edition version of the “Go Crazy” Album as well as the remixes.

Game Over, Wooyoung rising from the flames

Another Talk inbetween to allow a costume change and 2pm finally perform their iconic hit, “Again and Again!” That break inbetween was needed because the next section of the concert was filled with 2pm’s dance heavy songs like “Again and Again,” I Hate you,” “Tired of Waiting,” “I’ll Be Back,” “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop,” and “Game Over” (a Jun.K produced track).  That portion of the concert made me realize just how many iconic hits 2pm has that changed the game of Kpop.  2pm can really be called one of the Veterans of Kpop.  They even perform non-title track songs like “Maja.”

Goodbye Trip, noooo don’t say Goodbye

Closing comments with more Chansung teasing which he finally struggled out the cute line, “We’ll come back (to the US) again and again and again.”  They performed “Goodbye Trip” with cute dances and Taecyeon being Taecyeon with random moonwalking with sunglasses.  2pm stated that due to the great turn out, they were encouraged and want to come back to the USA again for tours. They were also thankful to the fans for their support. 2PM was shocked by how many foreign fans they have, and didn’t think anyone would come due to they being a, “Korean Boyband.”

2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (53 of 53)
Message streamers everywhere!


They closed out the concert with a BANG, with “Hands Up” and “Go Crazy” remixes.  The Prudential Center turned into the liveliest club in New Jersey that night with the two party songs.  What sets this 2pm concert apart from a lot of Kpop concerts this year is how interactive they were with fans and how informal they were.  With many gags, jokes, playful banter, 2pm seemed just like some regular neighborhood guys down the street, with the the way they talked to each other and the audience.  Also, with six costume changes, 2PM showed they’re not holding back just because they’re in a different country.  A Chinese fan next to me even stated that this American concert was more fun than the packed Beijing Concert, due to how intimate the concert felt.


2PM is that group you can tell are veterans.  From constant Japanese tours and Asia tours, they have concerts down pat.  They have amazing stage charisma and know how to do fanservice that doesn’t leave anyone out (taking selfies on fans phones, signing albums on stage, and touching fans hands).  Also, they know how to keep the concert pace, mixing in the perfect mixture of slow songs, dance heavy and party songs.  The concert runs smoothly and even the Talk portions don’t seem rehearsed. 2PM have grown out of the term “Idols” to become “Artists”.

2PM Go Crazy World Tour NY NJ 2014 (51 of 53)
Bowing out after an Amazing show

Also, Powerhouse did an amazing job handling the Hi-touch event. 2pm accepted gifts, and allowed fans to have a short convo exchange. 2pm are class acts and hopefully they keep their promise to come back, “again and again and again.” As a fan, I am the happiest girl on the planet and as someone who enjoys media/concerts I have to say it was handled and performed perfectly. So HOTTESTS, Did you go crazy?

So USA, do you ask for one more game?