It’s now etched not just in kpop history, but in pop history as well, Psy’s chart-topping and kpop break-out “Gangnam Style.” Along for the ride, and adding her own vibrant style was Hyuna, who featured prominently in the MV. Fast forward 5 years, we can look back to when Psy returned the favor and featured in Hyuna’s colorful and playful hip-hop themed “Ice Cream.”

Although, the original MV on Cube Entertainment’s YouTube channel and released in October of 2012 has over 100 million views, the number 1 kpop digital distributor 1theK on YouTube re-uploaded the “Ice-Cream” MV, today. So, we can now look back with a 20/20 hindsight like a monday morning quarter-back, without shame.

Also bringing back memories of Kelis’s “Milkshake” in the “Ice-Cream” MV, Hyuna married pulsing hip-hop beats as well as high energy dances from hip-hop, with the high octane colors and charisma of kpop.

Like Psy did and now BTS, it appears now that Hyuna was also hoping to use the concept to capture the imagination of America.

So much so, Hyuna even wears Mickey Mouse ears. What could be more American than Walt Disney and his un-tiresomeable mouse. Although, if she re-did the “Ice-Cream” MV today she would probably wear bunny ears. Because,in the same breadth what could be more American than Hugh Hefner and his… untiresomeable bunnies.

In addition, it’s interesting to look back now at her toned down sex-appeal, which is now much more over the top, probably enough to make Korean TV censors sweat at just the mention of the name “Hyuna.”

Conceptually, it inspired Girls Generation’s hit single “I Got A Boy,” which also sought to combine the best of both worlds from hip-hop and k-pop. And, with over 200 million views on YouTube, and an accompanying American award, it certainly worked for them as well.

A lot has happened in 5 years, including the break-up and disbanding of her group, 4-Minute. But then, why is 1theK re-uploading Hyuna’s old MVs? Is she leaving Cube Entertainment?

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