Aspects of this post appeared in this weeks edition of New Music Monday

Ceschi, the folksy rapper out of Connecticut released his 4th album on April 7, 2015 called “Broken Bone Ballads”. When is comes to Ceschi, it doesn’t get more raw and real.

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Ramos says to PopMatters about the album, “’Broken Bone Ballads’ is my first album since 2010. Releasing it feels like purging five years of bile from my guts. It’s a blatantly autobiographical record of progressive hip hop and orchestrated ‘folk’ tunes created with Factor Chandelier out of years of broken bones, struggle, failure, death, court dates, prison, and loss, but somehow winds up being triumphant. It’s a record that can be critical of human destruction, technology, and political structures, but it ultimately speaks from a perspective of cherishing life.”

Ceschi earlier this week released a video on YouTube of the single “Forever 33”. The video and music is stripped bare, leaving the angst and human emotion of a fallibility that envelopes us ever so often, as we strive to be better, to me more than a vacuous world’s attempts to label us.

To transcend, to grow, to conquer our innate humanity that seeks to settle, requires breaking the bones that constrict and restrain us as we reach to the farthest ends of the universe. This is our fate, the fate of mankind, given to us by an apparently oblivious Creator we want to lash out at ever so often. Only cowards choose to not embrace this fate… and from this video, Ceschi will not be found in the company of cowards.

Ceschi’s album, “Brocken Bone Ballads” is available from BandCamp.

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