Aspects of this post originally appeared in this week’s edition of New Music Monday

Chance the Rapper, Donnie the Trumpet and friends came together as the Social Experiment and released the single “Sunday Candy” back in November of 2014. But this past week, they’ve all come again together to create a music video/short film that make the vocals come alive in a burst of interpretive dance and intricate choreography. The Social Experiment band features Chance, Donnie Trumpet (real name: Nico Segal), Peter Cottontale, and Nate Fox.

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Here’s what Chance said on the collaboration:

“This song specifically is a great representation of [The Social Experiment’s] collaborative efforts. It’s my curation, but then bringing it to the table with all these beautiful people and including them in their own way. Jamila sang on that hook, then I brought it to the collective. Peter added some great layers of texture and helped produce, Nate added a bunch of drums, tons of our friends from Chicago played instruments and added their ideas.”


The video visuals are a little retro, giving a flavor of the innocence of the pre-Woodstock late-50s and early-60s in America. Next Chancelor’s delightful verse comes the sonorous vocals of Jamila Wood, who sings the chorus. The concept is a joyous riot, that augments the original artistry of the song.

As YouTube has supplanted MTV, more American artists should endeavor to bring their music alive in music vidoes/short plays as Chance has done.


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