On April 14, 2015, after causing a little brouhaha at Coachella for wearing a dress, Jaden Smith dropped a single he described as his “offering to this world.” The single called the “offering” is a horn-rich mellow track – characteristic of hiphop during it’s golden era, in the early nineties. It’s introspective and critical at the same time. It’s a tasteful sample of teenage angst, appropriately channeled.

“Offering” starts out with the slow drawl of a trumpet melody, but more likely it’s a French horn. Then Jaden, gently at first begins to speak on the track. But, as the track progresses his intensity increases, which sometimes sounds a little awkward, given his normally mellow demeanor. The french horn definitely sets the mood and the tone.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The offering was released on his sister Wilough’s SoundCloud account.

In a way, these 4 verses with no hook, no chorus is a case of “rich kids problems,” but at the same time it’s original and authentic. And, that makes the content relevant to all. There’s a lot about his dad in it, and it’s long, 5.20 minutes.

As someone said on Facebook “don’t sleep on Jaden,” because he’s definitely improving. This here is definitely a quality track.


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