This post orginally appeared in this week’s New Music Monday

Stereotypically hip-hop has a reputation of being about flouting “money, sex, drugs.” Well, not in Lecrae’s hip-hop, and not in Lecrae’s “America”. In this video like the song, released in August of 2014 as part of his album “Anomaly“, Lecrae is shinning a spotlight under America’s rug, behind America’s couch, in America’s closet, in those dark and disparate places America doesn’t want you to see. It’s sobering, as it should, because people really need to wake up to the fact that there are always two sides to every coin, and embrace those disparities. And, then maybe America will have a chance.


If you think this is just hyperbole the Financial Times published a story over the weekend that projected the number of middle class all over the word by 2030. North America was the only continent that had a shrinking middle class. Everywhere else, the middle class multiplied. Even Europe with its aging population saw a modest growth. That’s is sobering indeed for the country that is supposed to be the largest economy in the world.


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