For over a year, there has been all kinds of speculation as to the whereabouts of 2NE1’s Park Bom, including articles we wrote guessing she might be in Japan. Well, a video appeared on YouTube less than 24 hours ago, along with pictures on SNS, of Park Bom leaving the YG building and getting into a white BMW.

From the looks of it, she seemed excited. She had her hair in a simple knot or bun, and it seems she has removed all her extensions, as well as any traces of hair coloring. It was a very simple look, but again she seemed in very high spirits.

Park Bom at YG Building

Two men bade her good bye at the door, as she entered the car. It almost seemed they had not seen her in a while, so they had come to the door to see her off.

Park Bom at YG Building 2

Could this mean that Park Bom is back?!
Did she just come out of a meeting with Papa YG!?
And, did he say it was okay, for her to return!?

Park Bom at YG Building 3

We can only speculate, but we’ll be here to give you any updates.

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