Other than Bangtan Boy Scouts (BTS) no other kpop group has a more anticipated comeback this fall, than the resilient GFriend. Showing their hardy nature, in their latest comeback “Summer Rain,” the 6 member girl group continue to shine, even through pouring and unrelenting rainfall.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Gfriend have achieved unparelled success by harnessing a hybridized concept, of polar-opposite components. Understanding the dominance of boy groups, their choreography has always been energetic and dynamic, allowing them to compete at the same level as their male peers. And, they’ve done this without compromising their strong feminine aura. If it makes sense, they are the boy-group of girl groups.

This is evident once again in Summer Rain. Wearing dainty-sheer and delicate-white dresses, they execute intricate dance steps that incorporate modern dance and ballet, amidst heart-pounding drums and thumping bass.

Summer Rain is Gfriend’s third comeback of the year, and that’s a good amount for any group. And, in just nine months. Their first comeback of the year, “Fingertip” was released in March. And, the second “Love Whisper” was just released about a month ago in August.

Gfriend have been very busy. They also performed this summer at Kcon in New York.

The Summer Rain music video (MV) was directed by Hong Won-ki of Zanybros, who has directed 6 of all their 7 music videos. The exception being “Fingertip” which was directed by “Kim Seong-uk”.

To date, since their debut in January of 2016, they have released 5 EPs and 1 studio album. “Summer Rain” is from their repackage 5th EP, originally “Parallel” rebranded “Rainbow”.

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