JBJ a group formed from Produce 101 season 2 were supposed to be the runner group, so much so fans dubbed them “just be joyful.” As the case may be, their second single as a group “My Flower” has them looking like the winning group.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

With so many good qualities it’s difficult to pick out the stand out parts of the MV. But, beyond the generally crisp choreography, is the exciting EDM dance break.

The overall beat is upbeat with lots of bass, giving the verses an urban feel. And, the guys in turn rap and sing over it. However, the beat varies across the song, adding a spicey element to the song as it switches between urban and tropical.

As the song transitions between its different parts, the 6 members of JBJ switch between the crisp and dynamic choreography in an empty pool painted white, to using paint brushes to paint with vivid colors on on a variety of surfaces in the MV.

Also varied are the rapping styles featured in the group. Most notable is the deep baritone rapping style of Hyunbin, similar to BigBang’s Top. The other rapper is Sanggyun, whose original group is Topp Dogg.

Another Produce 101 veteran, Kim Chungha also released her second single today Rollercoaster.

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