Green Coast - Greenback

When San E and Brand New music went recruiting hip-hop artists from around the world for their #hiphopishiphop project, for starters they needed some heavy weight behind them, so they got KRS-One. But, then they stopped over in Bangladesh, a small nation that sits next to India, and recruited ‘SadmAnn‘.

SadmAnn has not stopped since that epic collaboration, but instead he and his crew called “Green Coast,” have been in the studio working. And, we now have the music video to show for all their efforts.

Green Coast - Greenback3

The track is called “Greenback.” And, according to SadmAnn himself, in it they are rapping about the current state of hiphop in Bangladesh. He says “we talked about what problems we are facing.[And] What real rappers should do and what some fake rappers are doing.”

Check out the video below, and if you’ve not check out the “Green Coast” before you might be might be pleasantly surprised. In order of appearance you have, ‘SadmAnn’, ‘Fahim’, ‘Aka F Boy’ and ‘Akib Bro’. The flow is there, the energy is there, the vibe is there, the production is there, and Akib bro’s motor-mouth skills are as good as any out there.

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