‘Sam Kim’, ‘Loco’ are “Thinking About’ Chu” in new MV


Sam Kim and Loco come together in what is a soulful collaboration in “Thinking About’ Chu”. The song and music video are both simple but effective and leave a lasting impression.


Sam Kim, a Korean-American singer-songwriter and guitarist under Antenna Music and Loco, a south Korean rapper under AOMG came together for this soulful piece. The video takes place in a small room with the two artists and the songs musicians. Objects switch between real life and video game graphics while persons continue as normal. The lyrics talk of memories between a couple and how important memories are the two. Good memories of their relationship help them to remember the love they have for each other, especially when going through a fight.

See the video here:

This song comes as part of a project called Boys and Girls Music Project: Vol 1. But there’s not much information on this project yet.

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