Off the bat from his debut single, Samuel Kim of Brave Entertainment’s version of kpop had a very western feel to it, even more so than your standard kpop track. So, when his new single “Candy” came out recently, it was no surprise that he and his producers had continued along the same pathway. However, this time their inspiration is basically a creative off-shoot of New Jack Swing made popular by Bobby Brown, New Edition, Teddy Riley and others.

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But, it’s not just the familiar and unmistakable beat from a drum machine indicative of New Jack Swing, in “Candy” that’s giving us a flashback. It’s also those legs, and the very heavy dance choreography Brave are incorporating into Samuel’s style that brings back memories of Bobby Brown.

New Jack Swing, coming out of black New York club scene, was popular from the late 1980s into the early 1990s. It combines production techniques from hiphop, with R&B vocals, and then fused with dance-pop. New Jack Swing popularized the TR-808 drum machine that is still used in music today.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how the masters did it back then.

First stop, is Bobby Brown performing live a medley of 2 of his many hit singles, “My prerogative” released in 1988 and peaked #1 on the Hot 100 charts, as well as “Every Little Step” released in 1989 and peaked #3 on the hot 100 chart.

It’s only appropriate we swing by New Edition, who not only have a song called “Candy Girl”, but also released “If It Isn’t Love” in 1988, which climbed into top ten of the hot 100 chart.

Finally, a very kind person has done a compilation called “The 30 Greatest New Jack Swing Songs (1987 x 1993).”


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