Toronto’s own SATE launches into the new year with the expected release of her debut album. To kick off the new year, SATE launched her new video for her second single “What Did I Do” on Ebony. Featuring Cree Summer of A Different World, the video perfectly aligns with the song’s forceful energy and raw emotions.

sate what did i do

“What Did I Do” is the second single from SATE, following the release of her debut single “Warrior,” which sounds like a lost collaboration between Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. Both of these singles exemplify one of SATE’s key traits; the energy and pure emotion she unleashes in her music and live show.

sate what did i do 3

SATE is blues and SATE is rock. SATE is raw power, out to satisfy and empower a nation. Armed with her ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars & a dirty low end, pulsating organs and greasy grooves to satisfy earholes, SATE has learned at the feet of masters, and incorporated those lessons into what are, beyond a doubt, some of the most electrifying sounds to come from anyone this year.

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Source: 24West, Sate

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