Block B’s Zico returns with a new single and short video for “Yes or No”which features rappers Penomeco and The Quiett.  In the minute long video, an animated version of Zico raps, mimics Taeil’s fork and knife instrument from “Very Good,” and proceeda to show us the goofy and odd side of him we’re all used to seeing. Unlike the Block B songs Zico usually produces, “Yes or No” follows the “Tough Cookie” route in presenting itself as a more AOMG-esque, raw hip hop sound not commonly found in kpop. The song itself, though not fully translated as of yet, the song leans toward the side of bragging about their accomplishments and success. This is supported by the Jordan’s swirling around in the background, animated Zico dancing around an expensive looking sports car, and Zico’s face appearing on the money.

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“Yes or No” is a song many fans have been waiting for since the first season of “Unpretty Rapstar” and it has a very catchy chorus with a hard hitting beat that gets stuck in your head. It’s an infectious song that is clearly succeeding at the top of multiple charts but Zico has done a lot better. Even without a translation, this song isn’t as great as some of his previous work. No one is looking for serious depth, this is the guy who wrote “If I Ain’t Got 짱개” after all. It’s the chorus that sounds like a broken record and the weird thing he does with his voice that lower the quality of the song. “Yes or No” is an alright song but that’s as far as it goes. At first listen it’s simply another hip hop song, and unfortunately it doesn’t get better. It’s very repetitive and seems a bit. . . slapped together.

Then there’s the little yellow ribbon on the bottom right hand corner of the low-budget and somehow slightly familiar cover art. For the last year many of Zico’s songs, including this one, incorporated the yellow ribbon on the cover in memory of the Sewol Ferry incident on April 16th, 2014. His singles have also been exactly four minutes and sixteen seconds, symbolizing the date of the sinking and this one is an exception at four minutes and fourteen seconds. This comes across as an intentional addition, especially since one of his fans died on the Sewol Ferry and Zico attended her funeral. It has also been suggested that a portion of the profits from this and previous singles will go and have been going to the victims’ families. If this rumor is true it would definitely explain the rather lackluster cover art and minimal, yet entertaining short video for the song. It would also suggest that raising money for the victims and not allowing people to forget the tragedy seem to be more important than flashy album art and crazy expensive music videos. Hopefully more people will catch on and help Zico out with his goals so that we can get some better music out of him in the future. Here’s hoping for more.

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