‘Sechskies’ sing a “Sad Song” and ask us to “BE WELL” in double comeback MV


Ok, let’s get this out of the way: Rappers singing and Jae Jin‘s hot bod. Reasons I like “SAD SONG” and “BE WELL”.


The song had a mid-tempo beat that you think wouldn’t go with a sad song, but have taken a bit of their old school style to this new song and it really works. Not to mention the lyrics talk about listening to sad songs but not wanting to. It’s an account of being at the club (or a party) and hearing sad or love songs play and you’ve just gone through a breakup. No one wants to hear that then. With lyrics like; “Bright song, yes yes/(I want to laugh)/Exciting song, yes yes/(I don’t want to hurt)”, this is also a call to the DJ to play music that will make the crowd laugh and smile; forgetting about their pain.


The video reminds me a lot of BIGBANG and how they have come into their own making music that suits them. Sechskies are presenting themselves as matured and are making the music that suits them.

Watch the video below.


“Don’t get sick/Don’t be lonely/Don’t be sad/Because of me” This song speaks to a relationship that is about to end and the regrets of the man. He realizes he didn’t do enough to keep the girl happy. So, instead of asking for her to take him back, he accepts his fate and only hopes for her happiness.


We see the relationship from the male’s perspective and how the dynamic of the relationship changes due to the boyfriend’s misdeeds. We see the girl crying by the end.

There are many cute and sad moments. Watch the video below to see them.


SECHSKIES or 6KIES is a South Korean boy group that was formed under Daesung Entertainment in 1997. Their name “SechsKies” is pronounced as zeks-kees. It is supposed to mean “Six Crystals” (representing the six members) in German, although “Kies” is actually translated as pebbles. They are popularly referred to and remembered by fans as “Jekki” for short. Their official fan club is YellowKies and official fan club color is yellow.

SechsKies debuted on April 15, 1997 and disbanded on May 20, 2000, performing “Bye” and “Remember Me” for the last time at the Dream Concert. The group held a reunion concert in 2016 because of Infinite Challenge. On May 11, YG Entertainment officially announced that they signed a contract with SechsKies (Eun Ji-won, Lee Jai-jin, Kim Jae-duck, Kang Sung-hun, and Jang Su-won) sans vocalist Ko Ji-yong.

Find more about Sechskies here: Facebook, YouTube.

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