My Secret RomancesSung Hoon will be visiting 13 countries for his world tour!

On June 6, Sung Hoon’s agency announced that the actor will be visiting a total of 13 countries for his upcoming world tour. The announcement came with confirmed stops for the tour such as in Thailand, Hong KongIndonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, America, Canada and South Korea.

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Due to his increasing popularity, the actor plans to reach out to his fans more by holding a world tour. During the tour, he will be showcasing his talents and skills that the fans have never known before such as musical and DJ skills. It’s expected that through the tour, the fans will be able to know and communicate with the actor better.

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Sung Hoon s is a rising Korean actor who’s known for his roles in web drama ‘Noble, My Love,’ KBS‘ ‘Oh My Venus and ‘Five Children‘ and ‘My Secret Romance.’ He’s also recently became part of the castings in Korean survival program ‘Law of The Jungle‘ New Zealand edition.


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