Because Seohyun, until October of this year the maknae and member of Girls Generation, said goodbye to her former members doesn’t mean she should also say goodbye to the limelight. In her first international public outing since she showed her back to the dour doors of SM Entertainment (who on this day laid to rest the latest victim of their draconian business practices, Jonghyun), she chose the streets of New York City as the best place to make a solo splash for Nylon Korea.

Even in the wintery streets of New York, where the snow has descended on the city twice in the last 7 days prior to the Nylon cover announcement, Seohyun managed to bring the sun out of its hiding place. However, presumably the photoshoot by Nylon Korea was done before the temperature dropped, and the sky opened up dumping its white effluent on the city.

In the shoot, Seohyun mixes both the sophisticated and the urban. For one of the shots she can be seen wearing a purplish, light and breezy blouse, along with metallic-like pearls.

Then in another shot on her Instragram, the former Girls Generation member wears a feathery blue plush coat, with skinny black leathery pants and black stiletto boots, making her look like she belongs in a mafia movie, as the don’s leading lady. And, she’s holding the cutest hand bag.

I love the streets of NY💕

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It’s all very compelling. Who knows she may be considering breaking the surly bonds of kpop, and moving to New York permanently. One way or the other, be healthy, be a happy, Seohyun.

Seohyun will appear on the cover of the January 2018 edition of Nylon Korea.

In light of the terrible news about her former labelmate, Jonghyun of Shinee‘s untimely passing, this is a good time to reflect on the wise words of Seohyun uttered in the middle of 2017. If only, they all could be as wise and strong as Seohyun… & Jessica.

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