First Amazon, now Sephora!

Sephora has been quietly carrying K-Beauty products for a while now. In fact, The NY Times  credits the beauty chain for bringing Korean BB cream to U.S. consciousness with the introduction of the Dr. Jart+ line in 2011. A handful of South Korean skincare products have been peppering Sephora’s shelves ever since, but shoppers had to know which brands to look for.

But now in 2015, Sephora is screaming its K-Beauty pride, loud and clear. Check out their newly branded K-Beauty Skin Care portal that proves it!

sephora kbeauty portal

And even their Sephora Glossy beauty blog is getting in on the K-beauty love with recent SPOT IT posts on K-Beauty and K-Beauty Makeup.

Looks like they have finally recognized that K-branding has selling power. Now maybe they’ll tap into the K-Beauty blogging community and take heed of some of the free advice that’s being directed at them…
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