Pledis’ boy group Seventeen, labelmates of After School and Orange Caramel, are the latest group to be officially confirmed to perform at this year’s KCON. The group will join a slew of other K-pop groups and artists at the festival’s New York stop this summer. KCON is the premier Korean music and culture convention, and started in 2012 in California. KCON in the United States will take place¬† this year near New York, at the Prudential Center from June 24 to 25. In Los Angeles, KCON will be at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29 to 31.


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This year’s KCON NY stop is Seventeen’s first time to perform in the United States. Pledis Entertainment, the group’s agency, or the members themselves have yet to release an official statement or comment on the upcoming event, their thoughts on it, what they feel about it, or if they have a surprise in store for their fans. From the fans’ side, especially international fans, however,¬† their performance debut in the United States is definitely a very exciting stage to look forward to.




Seventeen recently announced their plans to join in on the April comeback battle, this time with a full-length album, but have not yet disclosed any information about the release date or the concept. The boy group debuted in May 2015, already have two mini albums, and they will celebrate their first anniversary soon, before the next KCON. They will be ready with “Adore U”, “Mansae”, and their new title track before the event. Member Vernon has also recently sung an OST track for the webtoon “Love Revolution” with the Pledis Girls.


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