All in all, 2017 was pretty good year for the 13 member k-pop group, Seventeen. Aside from releasing a studio album and a mini-album, they also went on a world tour and featured in KCon 2017 LA. It’s in that spirit of appreciation, their latest single expresses a singular sentiment “Thanks”!

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Stylized like a reality show, the MV for “Thanks”,follows the boys of Seventeen as they create the song, which also allows fans to see them in their natural environment. As the song progresses and the music shifts in high gear at the EDM saturated chorus, the latest trend in kpop, the video shifts into a more thematic focus as well as choreography heavy.

Seventeen are renowned for their excellent choreography, especially after their performance video by one of their dance sub-group was covered by international media, 2017.

The single “Thanks” is part of a repackage album released by Seventeen called “Directors Cut.” Except for 4 new songs, it features some of their old tracks.

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