Seyi Shay, following her domination of the African R&B market over recent years, released her new record “Yolo Yolo” to a global audience. With her new single that’s looking to become a banger, Seyi Shay brings a fresh, vibrant myriad of flavors and color to the scene.

Watch Seyi Shay’s new video for “Yolo Yolo” now:

Seyi Shay goes in smooth yet powerful both in her vocals and her message, and the lyrics blend in really well with the scenes and landscape of the tropical side of South Africa. As Seyi sings out, “Give happiness a chance!”, followed quickly by “Yolo! Yolo! Yolo! Yolo!”, this song turns into a banger with class real quick.

“Yolo Yolo” is not only a catchy tune that you’ll want to listen to again and again, it’s also a simple, zero-stress reminder from a fellow human being who’s loving life and living it up, that you only live once: so enjoy the music of life and dance while you’re here, while you can.

Seyi Shay, a daring experimentalist in her music drawing on multicultural influence and styles, continues her evolution with the sounds of Highlife, Latin music, and Afrobeat, to create a warm and vibrant sound for “Yolo Yolo”.

Seyi’s ability to write captivating music not only landed her the title of “2016 R&B Artist of the Year” at Nigeria’s Headies Awards, but also gives her the depth and aptitude that allow her lyrics and persona to resonate with listeners, irrespective of language barriers.

DJ Coublon produced the record, delivering an up tempo rhythm with piano melodies, trumpet calls, and samba swing. The fascinating record is matched with an equally engrossing video filmed in South Africa. It’s doused in culture and color, courtesy of Meji Alabi of JM Films.

Born in the UK, Seyi Shay has carved out a commendable legacy within music, having worked with global stars: from Justin Timberlake and Harmony Samuels, to grime scene favorite Chip. She’s supported Beyonce and P Diddy on tour, and has become one of the most strongly endorsed females in Nigeria, performing at major events and topping the charts with her music.

Seyi Shay presents her dazzling new record, “Yolo Yolo”, as she prepares to hit TV screens for the new season of the hit series “MTV Shuga”.

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