SF9 is back in the scene! On February 6, SF9 dropped their music video for “Roar”, and upped the hype even more with the “Roar” performance video on February 7. In the two videos, SF9 show their smooth yet intense dance moves while singing chill, rap, and electro – and back again.


In the “Roar” music video, SF9 start off with real slow and chill voices, an innovative contrast with their intense new choreography. FNC’s first ever male dance group then, out of nowhere, showcase their powerful rapping – transitioning smoothly into electro as the nine members’ cool solo shots come into focus. SF9 then switch back to a chill pace, dishing out one more rap break before ending their dance moves on a high note.

In the performance version of “Roar”, SF9 present the viewers and fans with the pure action of their dashing choreography. The camera occasionally pans to the sides and out, and all nine members get a cool dance shot in the video.


“Roar” is the lead single of SF9’s first EP “Burning Sensation”, which features five more tracks – “Tell Me What It Is”, “Still My Lady”, “Shut Up N’ Lemme Go”, “4 Step”, and “Jungle Game”. SF9 debuted last October with “Fanfare”, as the juniors of FNC icons FT Island, C.N. Blue, N.Flying, and AOA.

Check out SF9’s “Roar” music video now:

While you’re at it, check out SF9’s performance video for “Roar”, too:

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